Dr. Milan


I earned my PhD in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) at Sorbonne University in Paris in 2012 (Convergence entre Web Social et Web Sémantique. Application à l'innovation à l'aide du Web).

I authored numerous publications and participated in international research collaborations exploring different Artificial Intelligence topics, mostly the use of Data, Semantic Web and different forms of intelligence in the domains of Travel, Personalization, Human Resources and Innovation. My main focus is getting computers to become smarter companions to humans; going beyond basic reasoning and using user-generated, social media data and knowledge graphs to reach the next level of computer intelligence.

I was given the honor to participate in organization of parts of A-Level international conferences in my domain, as a Challenges Coordinator at ESWC 2014 et 2015, and as co-chair of the Making Sense of Microposts Workshop, an event that attracted researchers-participants from all around the world ( in 2011 at ESWC, and from 2012-2015 at WWW - the largest conference dedicated to the Web). I served as co-editor of international scientific publications and journals, such as Semantic Web Journal - Special Issue on The Semantics of Microposts . In 2018, I was honored to be invited to give a keynote speach to the research community at ESWC.

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