Dr Milan Stankovic

Parisian Tech Startup Founder. PhD in Information Science from Sorbonne University. Making computers better companions to humans.

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Through my work I have come to value*

Relationships where we can rely on one another over relationships where we challenge and pressure one another

Building competent structures over becoming necessary and depended on

Discomfort of the unknown over strong convictions

Change and movement over comfort

Initiative over waiting for permission

Common humanity over singularity

Understandings over ideas

Empathy over advice

*While there is value in the items on the right, I value the items on the left more


I create organizations with strong technological competence, developing relevant information technologies and pushing them to the market.

1 startup earned wide recognition and got acquired. 1 failed. More to come.


I am curious about how information technologies get intertwined with humans as they interact with each other and with information.

Authored 60+ scientific publications focusing on AI, Knowledge Graphs and Social Web, particiated in organization of A-level conferences in my field, was co-editor of scientific journals...

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